We are using too many apps, and it’s making us socially awkward .

Most of us share a routine — a very bad one — which one ? This one:

*opening Snapchat*
-3 new snapchat received, super exciting….two selfies & a noisy crowd at a nightclub.

Boring… *closing Snapchat*

opening Instagram*

My friend Dave in Times Square *double tap*, Katy posing under the Eiffel Tower *double tap*, Mary’s lunch… *double tap”

Boring…. *closing Instagram*

*opening Mail*
-Three interesting newsletters that I will never read.

Boring… *closing Mail*

*opening Facebook*
-0 news in the feed ” Oh… yeah i forgot I checked it ten minutes ago”

Boring… *closing Facebook*

(…) You’re using Vine, Foursquare, Twitter, Frontback, Path and so on? Your life is even worse!

We are using too many apps and this is making us socially retarded. I am living in San Francisco therefore I am spending a lot of time on public transport, like many of us. Yesterday, as I walked to the back of the bus trying to find a seat, I was looking at people’s smartphones (Honestly more than 70% of people in this bus were looking at their smartphone). I noticed that most of them were looking at Instagram, Facebook or Twitter & that made me laugh inside.

But as soon as I found my seat, I took my smartphone from my pocket, unlocked it, and immediately opened Facebook, Why? I don’t know — I wasn’t looking for anything special, so I closed it. 5 minutes later, I looked at almost all the people who were riding the bus with me and once again I got bored, so I took my phone from my pocket again, unlocked it again, and opened Facebook again. Fuck — I’m exactly the same as all these people I just laughed at. Checking all these apps somewhere along the line became a habit, one that occurs unconsciously.

Then I realized that on public transport my routine is pretty much always the same: *refreshing* the feed of the different apps I have on my phone. By the way, my “social networking” folder is composed of three rows of 9 apps — 27 just on my phone…

I spend almost 2 hours a day on public transport –

2x5x52= 520 hours/year.

At this rate, by the time I’m 85 years old I will have spent: 520×70= 36 400 hours — more than 4 years of my life — refreshing the news feeds of the different apps that I have. How depressing — more than 4 years of my life will be spent looking at my “friend’s” pets, my “friend’s” meals, my “friend’s” selfies — in other words my “friend’s” boring lives.

Nota bene: I am also using these apps in classes, at home, on the toilet, at the gym, in my bed before to sleep… Like you.

Of course these apps, services, products — call them whatever you want — have changed our lives in a good way, we can now SHARE with the people that we love and that we care about more easily than ever. Yet even if we love these apps —

at some point we have to start hating them, or we will waste our lives by constantly refreshing, constantly searching for something that momentarily soothes our boredom at the cost of our literal, physical interactions with the people that we love.